Structural Rainscreen Furring

Furring Master 3 – Vertical Horizontal Vent is a one-of-a-kind corrugated steel hat channel that provides structural cladding attachment & efficient drainage/ventilation.

FM3-VHV™ exclusive design allows for horizontal installation without the high cost & hassle associated with traditional installation methods. An AZ50/55 ZINCALUME® coating delivers excellent long-term corrosion resistance far superior to the G90 coating found on most steel hat channels & cladding attachment systems. FM3-VHV™ is ideal for commercial & high-end residential, especially those installing over thick insulation or those with vertical or panel cladding.



Features & Benefits

  • 18/20 gauge Structural Steel provides secure Structural attachment for various claddings
  • AZ50/55 ZINCALUME® hot-dip coating ensures long-term corrosion resistance superior to traditional G90
  • Exclusive corrugated flanges allow proper Drainage & Drying capabilities both Vertically & Horizontally
  • Horizontal installation without the cost & hassle of double-strapping with girts/drywall hat channels or wood
  • Available 3/8″ depth eliminates build-out costs *also available in 3/4″
  • SOLVES the PROBLEM of structural attachment points for Outside Corner Reveal Trim over 1”+ Continuous Insulation
  • Will not crush or trap moisture like polypropylene battens & mesh mats WILL
  • Will not absorb water & warp/bow/split like wood WILL
  • Class A Non-Combustible
  • 100% RECYCLABLE!
  • 10,000ft minimum order


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