Structural Rainscreen Furring

FM4-MaxFlow™️ is our top of the line rainscreen cladding attachment system that combines all the benefits of FM3-VHV™️ with all those of Roll-On Rainscreen™️

The FM3-VHV™️ hat channel provides structural cladding attachment while the addition of the Roll-On Rainscreen™ furring strip increases the total cavity depth, boosting drainage & airflow capability while also eliminating thousands of penetrations that result from cladding attachment. High-performing & Easy to install, FM4-MaxFlow™️ is the most efficient & cost-effective cladding attachment system on the market!


Features & Benefits

  • Increased depth ELIMINATES the 1,000’s of WRB/Insulation penetrations that result from cladding attachment
  • Horizontal installation without the cost & hassle of double-strapping with wood or drywall hat channels
  • Optimal Drainage & Drying throughout your Cladding Assembly!
  • Roll-On Rainscreen™ ensures drainage against the Cladding
  • FM3-VHV ensures drainage against the WRB.
  • 18/20g structural steel of FM3-VHV™ provides a secure structural base for cladding attachment
  • ZINCALUME® AZ50/55 coating provides superior corrosion resistance to traditional G90 coated hat channels
  • SOLVES the PROBLEM of having no structural attachment points on outside corners over 1’’+ CI”
  • Will not crush or trap moisture like polypropylene battens and mesh mats WILL
  • Will not absorb water or warp/bow/split like wood WILL
  • Class A Non-Combustible
  • 100% RECYCLABLE!
  • 10,000ft minimum

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